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Renovation Projects

Red Lion Inn & Tortilla Rica​

Kissimmee, FL

Eat, sleep, and enjoy the newly remodeled 10-story high rise hotel complete with pool, water slide, two bars, and delicious Mexican food at the beautifully designed Tortilla Rica. One of our most extensive projects, this hotel was destroyed in 2004 by a hurricane and sat vacant for an extended period of time. We rebuilt the hotel with some of the best amenities in the local area!

624 Patrick Street

Kissimmee, FL

This project consisted of the total redesign of an existing 1 story concrete block structure built in the early 1950’s of very little historic significance. The challenge was to take what was given to us (see picture) and turn it into a very inviting space to be used as an attorney’s office. The subsequent addition and renovation turned out to be a very pleasing building, both interior and exterior, which will brighten the area and give the attorneys a very special place to conduct their business. The original building was 2,000 SF and the finished product is 3,200 SF.

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