Medical Architectural Projects


Central Florida Medical Center


This 4600 sf building, located in Orlando, is divided into two separate offices, one side for a cardiologist, and the other for a gastroenterolgist. Formerly a Sonny's Barbeque, all but three walls were demolished, a new roof structure and tower adde, etc. to ultimately finish with a strikingly beautiful building with stone, stucco, and metal cladding.  The clock tower can be seen from several blocks away, which draws the attention of travelers on a busy Semoran Blvd.  The interior consists of terrazzo flooring, bright colors, and interesting lighting that provides a nice ambience for the patients and staff.  

Poinciana Health Department​


The 18,000 sf building has been constructed, and is a welcome addition to the Poinciana community.  The first floor houses the family clinic, OB/GYN clinic, and immunization.  The second floor includes WIC (Women, Infants, and Children), dental, pharmacy, and technology.  There are also several conference rooms that are used for a variety of educational and training programs.  The entire building is hardened to withstand hurricane force winds, and is powered by an emergency generator, which will enable the building to be used in the event of hurricanes or other disaster situations.

Kissimmee Family Dentistry

 A 6,000 sq. ft dental office for an established dental practice. The space contains seprate wings for adult and pediatric practices with shared x-ray and staff areas. The complex was designed to reflect a New Orleans style of architecture

1205 Central

This medical office development, located in downtown Kissimmee, contains 3 freestanding buildings ranging in size from 3100 sf to 4900 sf.  Building one was built and occupied by Davita, and offers dialysis treatments.  The remaining 2 buildings are unoccupied at this time.  The site offered several challenges, with site drainage being the most difficult.  The entire parking lot is concrete pavers laid over 3 feet of stone in order to provide required drainage storage.  The design of the buildings was affected by the guidelines of the City's downtown overlay district, which addressed the building setbacks, minimum building height, and materials.  The result is a nice mixture of stone, glass, and stucco, which helps upgrade the neighborhood character.